My Cultural Identity

For the first nine years of my life, I lived in Coulsdon,Surry with my Family; Mum, Dad, Niall, me ,Finn and Grainne. My Cultural Identity is English - despite having lived in New Zealand for almost 6 years. the same can't be said for the reast of my family though. My Dad, Grainne and Finn all act kiwi and sound kiwi (if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck...) and when asked will most likely say they are Kiwi though and through. My Dad is a true Kiwi, growing up and living here before he met my Mum. Finn and Grainne quickly adapted as Kiwi's, like a duck to water (so many duck references). My Mum on the other hand is an Irishwoman born and raised - with her fair skin and accent, it's hard to call her anything else. My older brother, well you can never tell with him. he's both English and Kiwi in the way he acts. Me though - English through and through. Maybe it's the rediculous amounts of tea and coffee I drink, my somewhat posh Surrey accent and the fact my skin is basically translucent but I think it would be hard to identify me as anything other than English.

My Mum

Fiona Aitken was born in the year 1867 in Ireland. She had already lived in New Zealand before when she was a midwife but moved to England with my Dad when she got married to him. in the year 2014 we moved to New Zealand by plane. my mum is Catholic. when she went to school she played for the basketball team. my mum is adopted and doesn't know who her parents are.

My Dad

Tony (Anthony) Aitken was born in the year 1864 in New Zealand. My Dad was born and raised in New Zealand but moved to England with my mum after they got married in the year 2000. in the year 2014 we moved to New Zealand by plane. My Dad doesn't belong to any religion, but comes with us to mass on saturdays. My dad's great grandfather imigrated from Scotland by boat to New Zealand. my dad has 5 siblings and his dad - grandad tom - was in the navy and was a part of the Korean war.